GIS&T Body of Knowledge

The Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge (GIS&T BoK) was first drafted by a team of scholars, with input from many dozens' more. The final published version includes ten knowledge areas, 73 units, 329 topics, and over 1,600 formal educational objectives.  It was published by the Association of American Geographers in 2006, and is available as a free PDF download, or as a soft-sided book for a $5 shipping fee

The GIS&T Body of Knowledge will be useful as:

  • A resource for course and curriculum planning for academic and professional programs at four-year and two-year institutions.

  • A basis for comparison of educational programs by prospective students

  • A basis for professional certification (the GIS&T Body of Knowledge used by the GIS Certificate Institute to adjudicate applicants’ educational achievement point claims)

  • A basis for program accreditation

  • A basis for articulation agreements between and among two-year and four-year higher education institutions

  • A resource for human resources professionals seeking guidance in employee recruiting, selection, and continuing professional development.


Contributors to the 1st edition of the GIS&T Body of Knowledge include:


David DiBiase
Penn State University

Michael N. DeMers
New Mexico State University

Ann Johnson

Ann Luck
Penn State University

Karen Kemp
University of Redlands

Brandon Plewe
Brigham Young University

Elizabeth A. Wentz
Arizona State University


Duane Marble
Ohio State University

Linda Bischoff
GE Network Systems

Aileen Buckley
University of Oregon

Michael DeMers
New Mexico State University

Ann Johnson

Karen Kemp
University of Redlands

Farrell Jones

Carolyn Merry
Ohio State University

Donna Peuquet
Pennsylvania State University

Jay Sandhu

Mandayam Srinivas
California State Polytechnic University

Elizabeth Wentz
Arizona State University

Richard Wright
San Diego State University

Arthur Getis (ex officio)
San Diego State University

Lyna Wiggins (ex officio)
Rutgers University

BoK Advisory Board members

  1. Jochen Albrecht
  2. Luc Anselin
  3. Richard Aspinall
  4. Todd Bacastow
  5. Kate Beard-Tisdale
  6. Cynthia Brewer
  7. Dan Brown
  8. Aileen Buckley
  9. Babs Buttenfield
  10. Jon Carr
  11. Keith Clarke
  12. Helen Couclelis
  13. Tom Cova
  14. William Craig
  15. Jeremy Crampton
  16. Kevin Curtin
  17. Jerry Davis
  18. Catherine Dibble
  19. Rob Edsall
  20. Gregory Elmes
  21. Mark Gahegan
  22. Arthur Getis
  23. Francis Harvey
  24. Mark Horner
  25. Kathleen Hornsby
  26. Fritz Kessler
  27. Phaedon Kyriakidis
  28. Mark Kumler
  29. Mary Lou Larson
  30. Marguerite Madden
  31. Duane Marble
  32. Jeremy Mennis
  33. Carolyn Merry
  34. Harvey Miller
  35. Harold Moellering
  36. Judy Olson
  37. Donna Peuquet
  38. Barbara Poore
  39. Steven Prager
  40. Hanan Samet
  41. Clive Sabel
  42. Lauren Scott
  43. Eric Sheppard
  44. Terry Slocum
  45. Mandayam Srinivas
  46. Dan Sui
  47. Richard Taketa
  48. David Tulloch
  49. Dave Unwin
  50. Darlene Wilcox
  51. Michael Worboys
  52. Dawn Wright
  53. Richard Wright
  54. Yichun Xie
  55. May Yuan