Membership FAQ

  1. Who can Become a Member of UCGIS?

The University Consortium for Geographic Information Science distinguishes two categories of membership—Members and Affiliates.

Colleges and universities, national laboratories, and professional societies from the United States are eligible to become Members. Multi-campus memberships may be considered in special cases where program integration and shared resources meet UCGIS criteria for membership.

Affiliates are organizations that do not qualify for regular membership (see specific application criteria below), but are actively involved in education, research, or service related to geographic information science.

  • National Affiliates are U.S.-based non-profit organizations engaged in research and education, funded from public agencies or private foundations.
  • International Affiliates come from colleges, universities, nonprofit research organizations, and government-funded research centers from other nations.
  • Corporate Affiliates come from for-profit organizations.
  • Government Affiliates have a separate line item in the Federal Budget.


  1. How do UCGIS Members and UCGIS Affiliates differ?

Affiliates may participate fully in UCGIS activities except for voting and holding office. Members may hold office and vote (through their delegates) and are eligible for registration discounts at the symposium and other UCGIS events. For Information on applying for affiliate status, please contact the UCGIS Executive Director.


  1. What steps must my institution take to become a member of UCGIS?
  1. Obtain support from your institution’s senior administration (president, provost, or comparable administrator). This requires that the official accept responsibility for financial support of UCGIS membership.
  2. Prepare a web portfolio that contains information on Research and Related Activities, Teaching and Curriculum, Facilities, Multidisciplinary Connections, and Staff for your institution.
  3. Contact the UCGIS Executive Director (Diana Sinton, with questions you may have about your application.
  4. Submit your application to the UCGIS Executive Director by 30 April. The application must include:
    1. A formal letter of application from the president, provost, or comparable administrator recognizing the institution's financial obligation to the UCGIS.