Application Template

Example Web Portfolio Template

The following are some sample portfolios that should give you a good

idea of what we are looking for:

The purpose of a web portfolio is to document the fact that the applicant has the critical mass of resources to make a significant contribution to the mission of the UCGIS. Web portfolios are required for new membership and every five years for established members. Resource components are listed below (different portfolios for affiliates).

Research and Related Activities - List recent projects and their sponsors, research goals and questions, and GIS deliverables. Describe other GIS research activities in which members of your institution have been involved.

Teaching and Curriculum - Provide a description of the Geographic Information Science courses that are offered by your institution, their typical enrollments, and their frequency. Describe the GIS library holdings at your institution.

Laboratories - Describe the teaching / research laboratories that you have currently or those that are funded but not yet in place. Please list all types and quantities of computers, output devices, software, etc. that would be useful for the committee in its evaluation.

Multidisciplinary Connections - List the departments within your institution that are involved in GIS and describe the mechanisms that are employed to discuss issues, coordinate activities, and to promote multidisciplinary connections.

Staff Resources - Provide a two-page C.V., using NSF format, for each faculty and/or staff member (e.g. laboratory manager, technician) who considers Geographic Information Science to be their major or minor area of specialization. Discuss your future institutional staffing plans.