Affiliate Application

Affiliate Application Guideline

Academic, governmental, and corporate organizations, engaged in research, education, development, and innovative use of Geographic Information Science and closely related fields, but that do not otherwise qualify for UCGIS membership, may be elected as affiliates.

Affiliates have non-voting status within UCGIS. Two designated representatives of each Affiliate will be able to participate in all activities and governance of UCGIS other than serving on the Executive Board, the Board of Directors or a position specifically restricted to said Directors.

An affiliate fee will be determined by the UCGIS Board of Directors with the approval of a majority of Council delegates. Affiliate status will be reviewed for approval every three years by the UCGIS Membership Committee.

Applications for affiliate status shall include the following:

  • A descriptive statement about the interested organization, including its mission, members, and status as a permanent or grant-based organization; highlights of key leaders in the organization and two designated representatives to UCGIS, representation to take effect with approval of affiliate status.
  • Information on common interests and mutual benefits to the interested organization and UCGIS; consideration of UCGIS mission and goals is encouraged (see:
  • Information on the interested organization’s definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to progress in Geographic Information Science or related fields as evidenced by significant activities in research, education, and/or development.
  • Information on the interested organization’s vision about the promotion of GIScience and related fields at the regional, national, and/or international scale, as appropriate.
  • A statement that the applicant understands their need to obtain approval from the Executive Committee before using the UCGIS name or its logo in any manner.